Outdoor LED Display

Lightbox LED displays/screens solution



• Showing a variety of messages and advertisements from different customers round-the-clock by changing the display contents momentarily.

• The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.

• With high efficient fiber transmission system, the screen can keep uninterrupted display through reducing the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance.

• With high efficient optical fiber transmission system, it can reduce signal delay caused by long transmission distance, which ensure the consistency of the display.

• Keep on working for you even in rainy weather due to the high ingress protection rate IP65.

• With ingress protection IP65, it’s absolutely safe for your display to continue working under rainy situation.

• A variety of control method options such as synchronous control solution, asynchronous control solution, and inter-network control solution, etc. available for different site environments.

• With multiple control system, it can provide synchronous control, asynchronous control, network control, etc. according to different environment needs.

• Built-in lightning protection devices which prevent the display from being burned by lightning.

• The built-in lightning protection system can prevent the display from being burned by lightning.

• No need to repeat operation steps to update new contents, many screens can be controlled by only one computer.

• Many options available to update contents such as cable, wireless and USB disk.

• Multiple methods update the items, such as cable, wireless and USB disk.


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